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Effective January 1, 2012, the $25 annual Account Maintenance Fee will be eliminated for ALL Client Direct Series accounts.

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Important Notice: The NextGen College Investing Plan® does not endorse or promote any third-party Web sites, referred to as “accommodators,” that provide services to facilitate contributions to a NextGen account. These accommodators may charge fees in connection with their services. Neither the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) nor Merrill Lynch has authorized any accommodator or other third-party Web site to promote or submit contributions to a NextGen account. Anyone who chooses to contribute through these Web sites submits contributions at their own risk, and proper credit or investment to the account cannot be guaranteed or confirmed by Merrill Lynch or FAME.

If you would like to make regular automated contributions to a NextGen account, please visit the Account Servicing Forms page of our Web site for more information on the Automated Funding Service or Payroll Deduction contributions through your employer. Also, a contribution check can be mailed to FAME at any time.